Bed Side Manner

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Title: Bed Side Manner
Description: The other nurses and I were sick and tired of dealing with a particularly unruly and nasty patient named John. Constantly complaining about everything in the hospital, and grabbing our asses, we were determined to give him a taste of his own medicine. "I'm really tired of him," candy striper Courtney said exasperated. "We need to teach him a lesson," Nurse Mackenzee seconded. We agreed if he was going to give us a hard time, we were going to do things the hard way.... "Time to take your temperature, John." With the three of us using all of our might, we were able to restrain him and tape his mouth shut so that no one would hear his whimpers as nurse Mackenzee stuck the thermometer up his butt! To our surprise, the harsher our treatment was, and the meaner we were, the more he seemed to enjoy it! Either he gets turned on being treated like shit, or he lied about having a problem getting his cock hard just to get the pills that he wanted. As the head nurse, I declared that it was time to investigate! "I want to see if your cock is broken or not. Do you think you'll be able to cum?" I asked him. "I think so," he responded. I warned him, "If you don't cum, we're going to stick that thermometer back in your ass!" I went to work right away on the tip of his dick, while nurse Mackenzee assisted me with the lube, spit, and a ball massage. Meanwhile, candy striper Courtney monitored his pulse, blood pressure, and breathing, all of which indicated that he was in fact, going to cum. My orders were clear, "give me all of your cum!" I told him repeatedly. My tone of voice told him that I wasn't messing around either. Unlike his typical argumentative demeanor, he was finally being a good patient, doing what he was told. Nurse Mackenzee was monitoring his progress and made note that his legs were beginning to shake. I knew that it wouldn't be long before I'd have the results I was looking for. Just as he was about to cum, I called for nurse Mackenzee to take over. Instructing her on the proper procedure, I told her to "Stroke it off, onto his stomach," and a creamy white fluid came shooting from the head of his penis. Once our investigation into his 'ailment' was complete, we promptly and professionally left the room, then headed straight to the Pharmacy where we rescinded his erectile disfunction prescription... That outta teach him a lesson!
Tags: bigcock, costume, fetish, handjob, pornstar, teen, piercing, brunette, tease, more chicks than dicks, CFNM
Site: All Star Reality Porn
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