Helping Roomate

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Title: Helping Roomate
Description: I was lounging in the living room with my friends Bonnie and Susan. We wanted to do something fun before we went out for the night and the honeys mentioned something interesting that happened to them. They were discussing an experience they had with their male roommate Buck who'd just recently walked in on them browsing through sex toys in their room. Apparently, he owned up to what he did and they decided to jerk him off for being a good sport. But ever since that had happened, they've felt a little silly for being wary of the possibility of his presence. Especially when they're changing or having a shower. The honeys wanted to give him another hand job for fun.I was all for it, because judging from photos the honeys showed me, I found Buck incredibly attractive. We all contemplated on whether he'd go for another jerk off session when Susan blurted, "Ok. Three hot honeys? And you're a guy? Three hot honeys wanting to jerk you off? What would YOU say?" We all nodded and giggled as we knew he'd be up for it. "HEY BUCK!!" Bonnie shouted loudly. "MmmHmmm?" He responded from the other room. "HEY WOULD YOU COME HERE FOR A SEC??" We all looked at each other and silently giggled awaiting his arrival. A few seconds later, Buck entered the room, wearing nothing but a pair of fire patterned swim trunks and a look of curiosity on his face. We invited him to sit with us and the honeys asked him if he'd been listening to our conversation at all, to which he became incredibly defensive. "No!! No, no not at all!!" I laughed at this sudden panic and couldn't wait to get him undressed. "By the way, this is our friend, Alexandria." Bonnie introduced us to each other and we shook hands.Buck sat in between Bonnie and Susan on the couch and got comfortable. The honeys asked if he'd mentioned anything to his friends about the sexual favor they'd done for him to which he innocently replied that he hadn't. "Good because only we're allowed to tell our girlfriends. By the way, we wanted to do it again..." Bonnie said to him. Buck, not surprisingly was all for it. I was so excited as I saw him pull down his shorts, I couldn't resist but reach over and massage his balls as Bonnie and Susan grabbed hold of his cock. He was such a sweet guy, very humble and submissive to us as we had our way with his sexy body. Buck casually wrapped his arms around the honeys while he was sat in the middle, subtly bucking his hips in and out of their grips. It didn't take long for his cock to grow extremely stiff. Bonnie and Susan let me have a go at his dick, I milked his shaft and watched him squirm.Playfully grinning at him as he threw his head back in Ecstasy. We were all having so much fun with him and it was very apparent that he was having some fun of his own. Three beautiful honeys sliding their hands all over his groin. We moaned seductively in his ear, loving how turned on we were making him. His cock was twitching in our hands, begging for release. We stroked him passionately and feverishly. His moans were becoming louder and it was clear his body was going to succumb to the sexual lashing we were giving to him. He cried out in pleasure as the cum spewed forth from his cock head, staining his chiseled abs. The honeys and I were very pleased with ourselves. "Mmmm, until next time..." Bonnie hinted.
Tags: fetish, handjob, blonde, brunette, tease, more chicks than dicks, CFNM
Site: All Star Reality Porn
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