The Patient

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Title: The Patient
Description: It was my first day as Dr. Abbey Brooks trainee. Dr. Brooks is a mortician which means that I was working in a morgue! As our first patient of the night was being rolled in, nurse Emilianna told us that today was his birthday. Making it even more sad was how cute he was. Just as I was about to make my very first incision, the patient shook!!! He Shook! And Then His EYES OPENED, and he started yelling "What The Fuck, What The Fuck"!!! Turns out that that while having his birthday dinner his girlfriend broke up with him. He left the restaurant devastated, got some pills and washed them down with a bottle of Vodka. No wonder we was so sedate we thought he was dead! Anyway, after going thru all of that in one night , only to wake up in a morgue about to get cut up, he was Freaked! The Doctor, the nurse, and I agreed he needed to be calmed down and that after the night he had, deserved some 'special attention'. We surrounded his bed, left him naked and strapped to the gurney to our lab coats off and told him to relax. I think we all felt the same way about him beautiful, chiseled, tan, toned body... We all took a minute rubbing his chest and arms before moving down to his soon to be hard cock. I took it in my hands, squeezing his soft package it got harder and harder until it couldn't get any bigger. Then the doctor took over spitting long cascading dribbles making it glisten and we began taking turns spitting and jerking. He wasn't to only one getting turned on. Cranking on this guy was making us hot for each other too. The nurse and the doctor both had really nice big tits that were practically popping out of their tops. We were really getting into it moaning, asking if he liked it, tugging, and spitting. by this time we were all up on the gurney with him, nurse Emilianna's tits were in his face, and the Dr. was between his legs. Harder and fast we were working him, one had rubbing his dick and another rubbing his balls. He was getting tense and we knew he was about to give us our most precious 'sample' of the day. All three of us were jacking him off at the same time and he couldn't hold himself back..... As we left the Doctor joked "Your the stiffest patient we've ever had!"
Tags: costume, fetish, handjob, pornstar, brunette, tease, more chicks than dicks, CFNM
Site: All Star Reality Porn
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